Winter is here

We don’t get a summer here. Instead of letting that get me down, I use it as an opportunity to run the beaches almost completely alone. Rain or shine I can’t imagine my life not being able to walk or run to the ocean. She is majestic and all powerful.


Practice, practice, practice… as much as we hear this our entire lives some times we forget that we need to bring our attentions back to the basics. We get so caught up in work and all our day to day tasks. We forget to stop, take a breath, and make time to grow our creative skills. The images below are from a test shoot I did last summer. Prior to this I had not shot any people work since school. My focus was solely on getting assisting work. Although I didn’t get images I was proud of at the time, I needed this practice to get jump start my shooting.

Thanks to my lovely friend Amanda, who patiently sat on set and waited for me to set up all the lights with no assistant. Also she is just naturally beautiful and retouching her is not really necessary. On the left is the original shot with no editing, on the right is the edited image.

Catch up

Playing catch up on my down time. In between finding work and invoicing and my “social life”. Hair stylist: Erin Swope, Model: Natasha Dangond Stylist: Sarah Rivera.

Totally feeling these images because they remind me of the 90’s… the decade of my youth.

On Set

Between work (stress) life, a new romance, and planning my dads 60th birthday I’ve fallen behind on editing my personal work. This is nothing new. I go through this weird mode of shooting a lot and then not touching my work for what seems to be an eternity.

Mood: Chillin’ is a life style.

#Fact if I could do anything (job/ career wise) I’d like to work more with mens fashion, lifestyle and street ware.

Stay tune for some more photos! Promise I’ll be working on getting things out much faster. Also cross your fingers for me… I can use some good vibes to get me through the rest of this month.


You wouldn’t know it just by looking at him, but Patrick is one of the shiest guys I know. I’ve known this guy since I was in art school and he has even lent a helping hand behind the scenes on set. He is his own stylist, father, mover and shaker and certainly new face for local street ware brands. I am happy to assist in promoting his modeling career.


Got to shoot this lovely lady in my studio mid December. With the holidays and being out of town it took me a while to go through the 600 images we took. This small series of images was the last look that we shot which was shot with a giant soft box made out of V flats and two rosco roll diffusers. It was actually really random because there was a few out fits Natasha tried on prior that were just not working with the 90’s mullet look. So our wardrobe stylist took off her super dope throw back 90’s ski puffy jacket and WOWZA! The Euro inspired hair style just worked with the jacket. Luckily the stylist had on a popin’ fit and saved our last look.

Model: Natasha Dangond

Wardrobe: Sarah Rivera

Hair: Erin Swope

Hair Issues

I know i’m not the only one who has bad hair days… but why do I feel like I have bad hair weeks and sometimes even months? I try to keep up with my hair care routine but I live near the beach and the fog so most of the time taming my hair can seem like a nightmare. I wish toning my highlights was as simple as the photo editing I did on these images. I was tasked with color correcting the roots of our models hair. The first round of edits I did, I can honestly say I thought the hair color was “the look” we were going for.

I’ve been testing as much as possible with friends and stylist. It’s been fun and I’m learning a lot. Communication is so key and after this shoot I really learned that peoples exceptions are not always clear. On set and during the shoot (which I shot tethered) there was absolutely no mention of color correcting the models hair. Dying a models hair on set, is why I thought the hair color was suppose to be two toned with warmer roots. Over all this shoot was a learning experience for me. Make sure when working with a friend and stylist you cover all the big questions and little questions. It saves everyone time.

What is the story? What is the theme? Is there a color scheme? Do you have a mood board or visual aids of your ideas? But most importantly is this a collaboration or who is taking the creative lead? Hashing out ideas and making sure there some cohesiveness to the art direction only makes the shoot go smoother for everyone involved. I use to say “ we all need to be on the same page” but not everyone is capable of that so we should at least aim to be in the same chapter.

Below are my before and afters. It’s amazing how something so minor can make a huge difference. Can you see the difference?

Warm roots before color correction.

Warm roots before color correction.

Color corrected.

Color corrected.

Sarah Szeibel

My transition from bartender to full time freelance photographer has been a bumpy road but none the less very very interesting. Mostly because of all the people i’ve met along the way. Sarah Szeibel is one of those people. She walked in, immediately radiated and oozed out an overwhelming amount of happiness and excitement to be working at a sports bar. Who is this girl?! At first I was shook by this amount of positivity, as it had been a very long day for me already. Of course, this kind of personality effects everyone and soon my vibe had met hers. I knew this was someone i’d enjoy working with, even if it was nearly my last week as a bartender. Long story short I found out she was a music teacher and performer… and if you don’t know me, I literally and figuratively gravitate to thespians and musicians. Check my friend record. Here we are months later and prior to Christmas 2018 when I got a call. I had been summoned by Sarah for some head shots for a gig she did not quite have in the bag. I felt so flattered that she had me in mind, being that most of my stuff is food imagery. I just could not say no to this opportunity, after all I told myself I was wanting to expand my work in new directions. Here we come 2019! Im taking names, numbers and jobs. Someone once told “me your network is your net worth.” Ok, I read that on IG, but it was from a photographer. So it counts… right?

So here is a sneak peak of Sarah’s ‘The Master of Mess’ photo shoot. In our line of work, sometimes we don’t always know if we got the gig, the part, the role or the job but we have to act like we do. Because we put ourselves out there, someone will reach out. She got the part.


Pro surfer Emily Flannagan took some time away from the beach to allow my friend/ hairstylist Erin Swope and I to get some glammed up photos of her. With an all girl crew, aiming to capture some really rad ladies in our neighborhood… I am [surfer accent] totally stoked to share some of the images of our first session with you. Erin and are always talking about how we can grow and learn from each other and other creative and bad ass women. So it just seemed right to start using the mediums we both work with regularly to get our creative juices flowing. You never ever know where your bad-assery can lead you. It was lovely to meet you, Emily you are DOPE!

Hair stylist: Erin Swope @erinhare

Location: The Sunset

Silver Surfer

Yesterday I was honored to shoot a local pro surfer/ model Emily Flannagan. Surfing has always been something that has fascinated me and terrified me equally. The ocean is a mysterious place and anyone brave enough to ride a wave in the depths of the deep blue, well they have my attention. I’ll just gonna fan girl from sand.

Hair: Erin Swope @erinhare

Emily12_06_180516 copy.jpg

Beauty Shoot

Super Bowl Sunday??? Who really watched that horrible game? I didn't, I spent my sunday with Ms. Michaela Stamps, a lovely friend and wonderful model. Although I've shot some portraits of her before this was by far the wildest thing we have done. For my beauty shots I decided to focus on her lips, which was such a hard thing to decide since her face is absolutely gorgeous! Not to mention the coolest hair ever! 

I got to experiment with some colored gels for the second time in my life ever, so you could probably imagine the excitement. I also decided to use hot lights instead of flash, mainly because I wanted to be able to see the light in a constant flow rather than depending on a modeling light which are usually not the most accurate. 

For this shoot I used a Canon 60D and a fixed 180 lens so I could be close with out having to be extremly close. Since I used hot lights I also had to use a tripod and a slightly higher ISO the studio was pretty dark and at this point hand held was not working for me with out camera shake.